The most painful injuries and conditions humans can experience

As pain is often considered to be subjective and dependent on individual pain threshold, describing it can be rather tricky. However, while the pain levels of a stubbed toe or cuts are rather debatable, there are certain health conditions or illnesses that are undeniably excruciating. Preventing you from performing your daily tasks, they include well-known pains such as broken bones and kidney stones, to the lesser-known, but still agony-causing, gout or trigeminal neuralgia. Intrigued? To discover more about the most painful injuries, click on the following gallery.

Woman claims this 'miracle' cream helped acne overnight

Spots can sadly be an issue for many of us. What we once thought would be a teenage issue can continue to plague us well into our adult years. And there’s nothing worse than discovering a new wrinkle alongside a juicy zit. Almost 1 in 4 young adults suffer with acne and the problem can continue. But acne can also be common in your thirties, especia...

A new protein in the body could change how you control your weight

From surfing to self discovery: five of the best male-only wellness camps in Europe

One definition of wellness is “the state of being healthy, especially when it is something that you actively try to achieve”. However, in today’s society, wellness seems to be a catch-all term for anything remotely health-related, fitness, dietary or cosmetic. You name it: biometric facials, sleep syncing, orgasmic meditation. Perhaps that’s why wellness is a word that’s still taboo among many men, particularly those from more traditional,...

Health warning issued over 'extreme heat', here are the most vulnerable regions

The UK Health Security Agency issued an urgent alert as temperatures are expected to hit a scorching 30C, and it has now been extended. Here’s all you need to know.

Florida center says 'Grey Team' technology, exercise help veterans overcome PTSD and other ailments

BOCA RATON, Fla. (AP) — Before Fred Kalfon began exercising at the Grey Team veterans center a couple months ago, the 81-year-old rarely left his Florida home. Parkinson's disease, an inner ear disorder and other neurological problems, all likely caused by the Vietnam vet's exposure to the infamous defoliant Agent Orange, made it difficult for him to move. His post-traumatic stress disorder, centering on the execution of a woman who helped his...

I swear by some of the holistic wellness habits Kate Moss has recently adopted - how they've changed my life

Plus, tips on how to implement the approach into your own day-to-day.

Mel B felt relieved by her ADHD diagnosis

Pop star Mel B felt relieved after being diagnosed with anxiety, dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD in 2019.

Psychedelic Medicine: Discover companies at the forefront of developing new medicines from Psychedelics.

Psychedelic medicine is a rapidly growing field that has shown promising results in treating mental health disorders. Discover the companies leading the charge in developing new medicines derived from psychedelics. From research and development to clinical trials, companies in this list are developing innovative approaches to revolutionize the way we treat mental health conditions.

Healthcare transformation: top healthcare companies harnessing powerful technologies to create smart products and services.

Aging populations, increasing patient demands and the rise of lifestyle diseases, coupled with pressure on the costs for delivering care are forcing healthcare providers to innovate and improve the quality of their services. Companies within this list are harnessing powerful technologies to create healthcare products and services that benefit patients and providers alike. This list's performance is calculated on an equally weighted method.

Surgeons warn of obsession with chiselled looks by cutting cheek fat

Young people are risking permanent disfigurement by having fat surgically removed from their cheeks to look like models like Bella Hadid (pictured), leading cosmetic surgeons have warned.

Drivers who suffer with hay fever could be slammed with fines as 'pollen bomb' set to hit London

It's detailed in The Highway Code

These women got pregnant after 45

While pregnancy at any age is a joyous event, having a baby later in life gives rise to certain health concerns and is the subject of much debate in the medical community. In recent decades, major scientific breakthroughs have contributed to a spike in older-age pregnancies. Here are 20 public figures who gave birth after the age of 45.

Hospital doing 'everything they can' for Gaz Beadle's wife after open heart surgery

She is desperately missing her children as she remains hospitalised.

Father ‘given 12 hours left to live’ after contracting hepatitis B in freak accident

Father ‘given 12 hours left to live’ after contracting hepatitis B in freak accident - Warning signs of the liver disease include yellowing of the whites of the eyes and skin

New drug reduces risk of relapse of rare blood cancer by a quarter

NHS patients being treated for an aggressive type of blood cancer will now benefit from a potent drug, called Polivy, that can slash the risk of their disease returning.

Hear from the experts on collard, plus health benefits, and recipes

I had colon cancer at 27. These are the symptoms to watch out for

Vanessa Mendico, now 29, described herself as a 'super fit' person who exercised five or six times a week. But when blood appeared in her stool, doctors diagnosed her with stage three cancer.

Shannen Doherty's tough diagnosis: brain metastases

Eating just 10 extra grams of fibre a day could reduce risk of stroke by 23%, says doctor

Eating your way to a lower risk of stroke might just work, according to a doctor.

Stocks in healthy eating most popular with retail investors.

A healthy diet helps to protect against malnutrition in all its forms, as well as noncommunicable diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer. Not only is eating healthy food good for you, sometimes it has the added bonus of doing good for the world. More and more companies are making healthy food and dietary products, making this space attractive for growth investors. We gathered the list of the top companies offering healthy...

Tangerine vs Orange: What are the Health Benefits and Risks? Expert-Curated Guide

This article provides expert opinions from three professionals in the field of nutrition and dietetics regarding the differences between tangerines and oranges. The article outlines the differences in taste, appearance, and nutrient content, as well as the varying levels of vitamins and minerals in each fruit. Additionally, the article provides links to questions and answers related to oranges, as well as nutritional facts and tips from health...

Health officials ‘ignored evidence of non-Covid deaths’ during lockdown

The Covid inquiry is being urged to investigate if health officials dismissed evidence of collateral deaths during lockdown after a whistleblower claimed that pathologists’ concerns were shut down. Public Health England (PHE) “didn’t want to know” about collecting evidence of non-Covid deaths when the country was locked down or health services were...

Roman Kemp supports Lewis Capaldi’s decision to put his mental health first

Roman Kemp says he is proud of Lewis Capaldi for putting his mental health first, even though it means Lewis will miss the Capital FM Summertime Ball, which Roman hosts.

The truth about protein powders

If you've ever stepped foot in a gym (and probably even if you haven't), you might have seen people popping a scoop of powder into their drink, shaking it furiously, and then drinking it. Oftentimes, that powder is a protein supplement. With there being many perceived benefits to consuming extra protein, increasing numbers of people are turning to protein powders to supplement their regular dietary intake. However, as protein supplements grow in popularity, more and more people are asking whether they actually serve any purpose, and even whether they could perhaps be detrimental, rather than beneficial, to our health. Curious? Check out this gallery to learn the truth about protein powders.

A Place In The Sun's Scarlette Douglas on painful injury woes before Soccer Aid

EXCLUSIVE: Scarlette Douglas admitted "it's a shame" as she gave an update on her painful injury ahead of her Soccer Aid debut.

Hay fever sufferers praise 'miracle cure' £4 tablet as symptoms disappear

Allevia used to be only available on prescription

I stopped taking hormonal contraception six months ago - and I've been shocked by how much better I feel

As Davina McCall's new show Pill Revolution airs, Health Editor Ally Head takes a stark look at how the pill affected her mental wellbeing.

Love Island's Faye Winter issues health update after finding lump in her breast

Faye Winter has given fans a health update after finding a lump in her breast while recently on holiday in Greece, revealing she has shed some "happy tears" recently

A New Hope for Weight Loss?: Stocks to Watch.

Prescription drugs that have historically been used to treat type 2 diabetes and lower the risk of cardiovascular events are now gaining attention for their potential to help people lose weight by reducing their hunger and calorie intake. Popular drugs like Ozempic, the brand name for semaglutide, help to regulate blood sugar levels by stimulating insulin secretion, reducing glucagon secretion, slowing gastric emptying, and suppressing appetite....

Day 27 of Gluten Free Anti-Inflammatory Plan by Whitney Hills

Healthy gut . Healthy gut . Boost energy level Gluten free · May improve skin health · Increases energy level Suitable for gluten free diets, may decrease inflammation · Improved digestion and may clear up skin · Increased energy levels and improved sleep Not recommended for those with chronic disease or under a doctors care. Please check with your...

How to sleep in hot weather - 9 tips amid June 2023 heatwave

Beat the heat with top tips sleep experts.

5 analyst favourite companies offering weight loss products.

Nearly two-thirds of American adults are either overweight or obese. Childhood obesity is triple what it was a generation ago. It will be a challenge for people's health, but for companies that manufacture or sell products, services, diets and foods designed to help people lose weight, this is an industry with great economic value. Companies within this list are associated with the weight-loss industry. This list's performance is calculated on...

England's healthiest neighbourhood named where people live long and prosper

The wealthier you are, the healthier you tend to be, research shows - living little surprise as to the region where the fittest of England's residents live. But which neighbourhood is it? Check our map to find out.

Six tips to help you fall asleep at night if you are feeling anxious

Sleep expert Kerry Booth shared her expertise on how to transform sleepless nights into a more healthy routine, including letting go of aiming for eight hours sleep.

Doctor shares ‘one of the most important ways' for older men to reduce heart disease risk

Dr Luke Pratsides said one of the most important ways older men can reduce their heart disease risk is through diet.

Milk: Nutrition tips from experts

Pulmonary fibrosis: what you need to know

Our lungs are responsible for numerous physiological processes, including breathing and getting oxygen into our bloodstream, subsequently making us living creatures. Unfortunately, there are many conditions that can affect this vital organ, and there is one in particular that you might not know much about. It's called pulmonary fibrosis (also known as PF), and in the following gallery you can learn more about this disease. Click on.

Early symptom of eye condition that gets worse at night - could cause vision loss

A survey found that only a third of people were aware of the symptom that can strike at night.

Top anti-aging companies with a growing market.

With the improvement of life quality requirements, people's demand for beauty has increased. Anti-aging is one of the most important branches. The global anti-aging market is worth billions of dollars with significant growth potential. Here's a list of some of the anti-aging stocks looking to capitalize on that growth. This list's performance is calculated on an equally weighted method.

Spondylitis Warning Signs: What to Look Out For

Overview An inflammation of one or more bones in the spine that leads to severe chronic pain and discomfort. Symptoms The symptoms include reduced flexibility in the spine and severe back pain. What are people curious about?Cosentyx ankylosing spondylitisAnkylosing spondylitis symptomsSpondylitis neck pain treatmentSpondylosis Causes Exact cause is...

Doctor reveals how much sunscreen is needed to prevent skin cancer - 'most' people at risk

"Most" people apply sunscreen "too thinly" leaving them vulnerable to damage, a doctor has warned.

Condiments that are terrible for your health (and what to replace them with)

Condiments can make or break a healthy meal. If you're eating salads, you might not think that you are still loading your body with excess salt and saturated fats just based on the dressing, but you might be! We're programmed to crave high-energy foods for survival, but thousands of years have passed and we have dominated the food chain. Most of us can eat ourselves silly. The problem is that a dash of something usually becomes a dollop, which then becomes half a bottle... You can still enjoy food, and you can still enjoy condiments, of course. But if you want to discover the ones that are the healthiest (and worst) to be eating, click through this gallery.

Health Experts Reveal: Why Salmon is Good for Your Health

This article examines the health benefits of consuming salmon, a protein-rich and healthy fat-rich fish containing high amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids. Expert opinions from three professionals in the field of nutrition discuss the potential of salmon to reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases, heart disease, and cholesterol levels, as well as its potential to support brain function, prevent arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, sudden death,...

Workload of junior doctors 'puts patient lives at risk', dossier reveals

A new report highlights the staffing crisis in the NHS just after the British Medical Association announced more junior doctors' strikes from this Wednesday until Saturday.

Food recalls issued by Asda, Sainsbury's and Lidl over 'serious health risks' - full list

Major UK supermarkets have urged customers to return a range of food products over health concerns. Recalls were issued by Sainsbury's, Asda, and Lidl after harmful bacteria and possible allergens were discovered in products.

Day 6 of Nutritionally Balanced Weight Loss Meal Plan For Men by Barbara Cronje

Healthy heart . Prevents t2 diabetes . Weight loss May prevent cardiovascular disease · May prevent t2 diabetes · May help with weight loss Can aid in the prevention of cardiovascular disease · Can aid in the prevention of type two diabetes · Can aid in weight loss People with kidney disease should avoid this diet. If you have any pre-existing heal...

Three 'heart-healthy' food swaps that could keep your cholesterol levels in check

An expert recommends simple food swaps for taking control of saturated fat and consequently cholesterol back.

Celebrities Who Opened Up About Their Infertility Struggles

"I'm a good person, and I could give someone the greatest life of all, but yet I can't get pregnant."

The rare neurological disorder that's left Danny Bonaduce unable to walk